Migrate MediaWiki installation from XAMPP

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    I had an issue that, how to migrate my MediaWiki installation to Laragon. After some hours, I found this simple working procedure.
    Steps Followed:
    (1) Copy folder (let the folder name "your_wiki") of MediaWiki at XAMPP in the \xampp\htdocs to \laragon\www.
    (2) Go to PhpMyadmin when XAMPP running and export the MySQL database of the MediaWiki installation.
    (3) Stop XAMPP
    (4) Activate LARAGON
    (5) Create a MySQL database in LARAGON.
    (6) Go to PhpMyadmin when LARAGON running and import the MySQL database created at the step 2.
    (7) Go to LocalSettings.php at the copied MediaWiki folder in the step 1 and do the following changes in the step 8.
    (8) $wgScriptPath = "";
    $wgServer = "http://your_wiki.test";
    (9) Now type your MediaWiki test URL (in this case "your_wiki.test") in your browser and enjoy your work.

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