How to upgrade without loosing data?

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    first I'd like to say THANKS for such an amazing environment! It works great :+1:

    Is it safe to just install the new 1.0.1 version over the old one - will all projects, settings remain the same? Or how should it be done?

    PS: Sorry for posting in the wrong section of forum :/


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    @aureliusm: Laragon has idempotent feature, so you just click Next, Next, ...and your current version will be up-to-date. So,it is safe to install latest version of Laragon overwrite the current one.
    If you worry, just backup 2 folders: your projects in "www" and databases in "data",

    Bonus: you can change the paths of these 2 in Laragon/Settings to Cloud folders, so you can backup or sync them easily.

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    Many thanks for your answer!

    Installing right now :)


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    I have a question:
    regarding databases in "data", just backup data folder to another place, and paste it back after new Laragon installation finished?

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    @rustadelo : Just backup for safety. After installing, Laragon will be updated and you don't need to do anything.

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    @leokhoa can I update from the lite version to the full version in the same way?

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    @oleonides : Sure!

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    Upgrading laragon here works 99%. The only issue is all that my conemu terminal just works with default windows terminal. When i try to open bash terminal, it's shows me the message no consoles and opens a windows console.

    How can i restore my bash consoles ?

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