How to install Laragon in disk D:

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    The installer has no option to select another disk drive.
    I tried copying the Laragon folder to my data disks (D: or E:) and it seems to work but not sure if some tweaking is needed.

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    @akoppa you can choose the location using the full installer:


    Select Destination


    Alternatively, you use the portable version, which works automatically from the location it is launched from.

    To add Laragon to your paths (see > docs > isolated), just click Menu > Tools > PATH environment variable > Add Laragon to Path

    You then need to Log off and back on for the path to be added to all terminals (CMD/ Shell / Terminal etc.)

    One point to note: if you change PHP version, you need to run Remove Laragon from Path, log off and back on. Then **
    Add Laragon to Path** log off and back on!

    The new PHP version will then be available in all terminals.

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    Thanks @Pen-y-Fan

    @akoppa Laragon is portable in design so you can move it to anywhere.

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    I think the latest Laragon - Full 5.0.0 omitted the installation destination and it will be automatically installed to disk C You can either move the Laragon from disk C to disk D or download the portable version. I'd recommend using Full ver because the PHP and MySQL versions are new. But please review the document root and data dir in preferences on Laragon since the default location points to disk c. I hope Laragon gets updated to fix the issue..

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    Re: How to install Laragon in disk D:
    I´m late, sorry. Thanks everybody.
    As TomoyaKuroda says, by default C: is the installation disk and there there is no option to install in another drive.
    Thanks @leokhoa: Great! I did it and worked.
    I still can't understand why I suffered for so many years with xampp,

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    As I said moving Laragon to another drive as suggested works just fine. But I have found that it is not a good idea.
    In a clean machine you can select the drive to install Laragon but from then on that option never shows up.
    I have investigated a little and found that If you move Laragon from C: to another drive several entries remain in the Registry with nasty results in the future. For instance, try to reinstall Laragon and you can't select the drive or you end up with Laragon installed in something like drive:/laragon/laragon/
    So IMHO the best advice is to uninstall using Revo or similar, then check up the Registry for leftover and then install Laragon selecting a new drive if you wish.
    Unless there is an opinion to the contrary of course.

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    @leokhoa I have to agree with @akoppa , I didn't realise the Select Destination Location had been removed, when I installed Laragon 5. I have a lot of respect for you as the author writing Laragon, but I think removing this option is a mistake.

    I have previously had problems upgrading Laragon 4 to newer "full" versions, it left previous versions in the Add/Remove Programs, meaning two versions were showing with uninstall options. I, therefore, uninstalled Laragon 4 before installing Laragon 5, so the previous version 4 would not be orphaned. I didn't notice the installer had changed, it was pretty quick and painless previously.

    I understand Laragon 5 is portable, but installing using a "full" installer does add registry entries, moving the Laragon's location then orphans the location data. I have no idea what would happen if the user tried to uninstall Laragon, or in the future try to install an upgraded version. I have Laragon on the C drive, so I'm unable to experiment, but I suspect it would not be pretty.

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    @Pen-y-Fan :
    I agree. I will add this back in the next release of Laragon. I am sorry for the inconvenience it caused.

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