Get Imagemagick and/or Graphicsmagick running in TYPO3 Install Tool

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    I'm not able to get Imagick or Graphicsmagick running in my TYPO3 installations on Windows 10 x64. I installed Imagick according to your tutorial, but TYPO3 expects a binary file in /usr/bin/, additional to the PHP extension.

    So I tried moving the Windows imagick binaries to the laragon/usr/bin/ folder, but that made all the imagick dll's crash each time I accessed the imagick functions in PHP.

    Any idea how to get it running? Did anyhone have success before?

    Kind regards,

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    @mewcrazy : If you don't change PHP so often, you can try:

    1. Add PHP to Path using: Menu > Tools > PATH environment variable > Add Laragon to Path
    2. Add imagick binaries to PHP's Path

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