Nginx version not installing over Apache version?

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    I installed the new Nginx full version & already had the Apache full version. I currently still have Apache it says when I start Laragon up. Am I missing something? Do I need to completely uninstall the Apache version to get the Nginx version?

    Thanks for any help!

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    @dragonfire1119 : As Laragon is pluggable, you can use both Apache & Nginx without any problem.
    If you want to use 1 of them, you don't need to uninstall Apache. Just go to Menu > Preferences > Services & Ports and uncheck Apache service.

    If you don't need Apache any more, you can just delete bin/apache folder without any worries.

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    @leokhoa Thanks for the response as always! I wish I knew that before I deleted everything and started over. LOL Oh well. Ill get everything back!

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