(Error) Deprecation Notice on PhpMyAdmin - Trying Laragon

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    First time using Laragon and after installing phpMyAdmin with the QuickAdd, I got these errors (check the bottom of the post). I updated to the latest version of phpMyAdmin but same errors. I really don't know why and don't know what else to do. The differents answers on forums are about ubuntu and etc... Thanks for the help.

    The phpMyAdmin configuration storage is not completely configured, some extended features have been deactivated.

    Deprecation Notice in .\libraries\classes\DatabaseInterface.php#615 Deprecation Notice in .\libraries\classes\Url.php#251 The secret passphrase in configuration (blowfish_secret) is too short. Deprecation Notice in .\libraries\classes\DatabaseInterface.php#615

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    @waugoh See the instructions [Tutorial] How to add phpMyAdmin you may need to download the latest version.

    Alternatively, I would recommend using Heidi SQL, build into Laragon, I've used it for several years and it works with multiple databases, is easy to use and reliable!

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    Thanks a lot!
    I'm a newbie and just by installing the lastest version, it worked!
    Do you recommend any tutorial for heidi sql please?

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    @waugoh the Heidi SQL website has a Basic help on using HeidiSQL, which shows a screenshot on how to connect to a local database and a forum.

    YouTube has a lot of videos too, search for heidisql tutorial.

    I hope you enjoy Heidi SQL, it allows connection to many databases, including MySQL and SQLite 🙂

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    @Pen-y-Fan Thanks a lot for your help

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