Quick App WordPress - "no file" error

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    I'm getting a "no file" error when using the Quick App option.

    The url configured is:


    If I open it in the browser it gets redirected to the file:

    cache-control: private
    content-disposition: attachment; filename=wordpress-5.9.3.tar.gz
    content-length: 1
    content-md5: 0394271c56837b7d209b57eadec0b7b8
    content-range: bytes 18202534-18202534/18725197. 
    content-type: application/octet-stream

    But using the Laragon option the file is:

    0_1650547982173_Screenshot 2022-04-21.png

    My OS is:

    OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
    Version 10.0.19044 Build 19044
    OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
    Locale United States
    Keyboard: pt-PT

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    One more thing. The following folder is created but is empty:


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    Trying turn off firewall or Antivirus

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    I have had this problem before when the download path was not correct.
    Try with the following url:

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    I can download it without any problem through the browser. Then I tested using cUrl and found out that using:

    curl -O https://wordpress.org/latest.tar.gz

    It gave the following error:

    curl: (35) schannel: next InitializeSecurityContext failed: Unknown error (0x80092012) - The revocation function was unable to check revocation for the certificate.

    So I added the -O --ssl-no-revoke parameter

    curl -O --ssl-no-revoke https://wordpress.org/latest.tar.gz

    And it downloaded without any error.

    I guess there is a problem with the way the Quick App downloads the tar.gz file. If it uses cUrl there may be a certificate problem that needs to be fixed or the --ssl-no-revoke parameter that is missing.

    FYI @administrators

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    Nice catch!
    Thanks @PauloCarrasco

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