Configurate PHPStorm with Laragon

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    Hi, I am trying to run PHPStorm with Laragon on Win10 and I have a problem to set up my Run-configuration.
    Chrome says: Bad gateway when I try to run my index.php.
    Where should I place my project? In PHPStorms default directory or C:\laragon\www
    What do I need to configurate in PHPStorm respectively Laragon to make this work?

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    I'm not sure what phpStorm has to do with Laragon but I'm using the same setup so here's how I do it:

    I use phpStorm, Laragon, Dropbox and SourceTree with BitBucket. I create a folder in my Dropbox to keep all the project files on the cloud so I can easily switch PCs while working. Then I change the Document Root on Laragon's preferences to that same folder. Go to phpStorm -> Create project from existing files and choose again that directory. Restart Laragon so it creates pretty URLs and you're done.

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    I changed the root and it works fine! Thanks.

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