Fail to logging to Wordpress admin in the URL mysite/wp-admin

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    I created a Wordpress site with Web->Quick application tab. It creates the application and I can visit it and I can see the wordpress files in the right folder under Laragon/dswww, but when I try to login to the Wordpress admin: mysite/wp-admin it fails with the error "The requested URL was not found on this server."
    Any idea?
    I. Lesher

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    Same problem with me, share if you found solution.

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    When you launch your WordPress site for the first time, does it launch the install procedure with url like yousite.test/wp-admin/install.php ?

    I had a similar problem with the installation of WordPress. I was under PHP 8.1 and I have a WordPress download in tmp/cache folder of Laragon. When I launched the site, it said that some WordPress tables are not present in the database.

    The database had no tables.

    So I remove the tmp/wordpress.latest.tar.gz file of the laragon/tmp folder.

    I try again and it works perfectly.

    I suppose an old version of WordPress that was incompatible with the last version of PHP, maybe.

    Hope it helps.

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