Installing Laragon Over Existing Installation?

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    2.1.2 works fine on my computer but it confused me at first; specifically I installed over my current Laragon installation.

    The relevant files (e.g. Nginx as I'd used the Nginx version) were installed but the application installer didn't seem to replace the installed laragon.exe as it claimed I only had apache.

    I'm not sure of the fix here but maybe the installer could do something like:

    • "It looks like you've already installed Laragon at SOME_PATH - this is not recommended!"
    • "Do you really want to blow away the current installation at SOME_PATH?'
    • Crash
    • Something else?

    In other words I'd downloaded the new 2.1.2 Nginx full version and installed It over version 2.0.X (I think) but the installer didn't have the expected results. I did then install it to an entirely different directory and it works fine so there's nothing wrong with the installer as such.


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    Installing Laragon is idempotent. It means you can overwrite your current system without any issue (data loss, code missing, stop working,...) and it should be to make developers lives easier.

    I don't know what is your specific issue because I could not reprocedure it. If I know more details, I will fix it so you'll feel free to update newer version of Laragon.

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    I have my own way of installing Laragon (thanx to its well designed architecture of course :) )

    I created a dedicated folder for laragon and its stuff (yes, another one than the one where Laragon is installed). So my hierarchy is :

    --------\data (mysql datas)
    --------\www (web sites)

    Then in the settings just tell laragon where your document root and data root are, and voilĂ  ! As you can see, nothing is stored in laragon folder, so i am not afraid of upgrading it. I also can easily backup www and data.

    One more things, because i use an IDE that syncs settings across several computers, i needed a way to have the same environment (drive letters, php version, etc...) To achieve that i am using two tricks:

    • use the subst command like this subst w: c:\webdev , so i know that my working drive for web is w: and i can say it in every settings i set
    • rename the php folder in laragon. For instance, if the php folder name is "php-7.0.10-Win32-VC14-x86" in laragon i will change it to "php7" (don't forget to tell it to laragon in php settings). And once more i can tell easily to my ide use PHP7, no matter which version is installed (on linux a symbolic link would do the trick)

    Bye :)

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