Save a .eml version of "catched" email

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    I'm using the "mail" driver on Laravel 5.3 (MAIL_DRIVER=mail in .env), and I use Laragon to "catch" the email instead of sending them.

    The generated HTML mail is encoded in quoted-printable, so when I open it in browser it is unusable: I have to change the .html extension with .eml so I can open it with Thunderbird (or any other mail client) to see it working. (or I have to use setEncoder(Swift_Encoding::get8BitEncoding()) to bypass the quoted-printable encoding, but this is a Laravel related stuff)

    Is there a way to automatically save a copy of the mail in .eml?

    Thanks a lot for Laragon, as usual :-)

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    @ivanhalen : I've released Laragon 2.1.4 20161211. It will save generated HTML email in .eml :)


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    Perfect, thank you a lot! :-)

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