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    Hello everybody,

    First of all, I would like to thank and congratulate the Laragon"s authors who do a great work. Thanks a lot, guys !!

    This being done, my question is the following one: is there a way to automatically launch a project when Laragon starts ?

    I've made a Point Of Sale application with PHP and need to launch it in a "Kiosk mode".
    Account with assigned access, starting Laragon minimized when Windows starts, remains to launchthe project automatically.

    Thanks in advance for helping me ;)


    PS: sorry for my bad English...

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    @Pepere : From Laragon 2.1.3, we can add commands on user.cmd and execute them when Laragon starts.

    Open Menu > Laragon > Startup file: user.cmd, add cmd /c start http://localhost
    Every time you run Laragon, it will open Terminal and execute the code --> call browser to navigate to http://localhost

    :: use this file to run your own startup commands
    :: use  in front of the command to prevent printing the command
    :: call %GIT_INSTALL_ROOT%/cmd/start-ssh-agent.cmd
    :: set PATH=%USER_DIR%\bin\whatever;%PATH%
    cmd /c start http://localhost


    PS: I'm developing Laragon 2.2 which will have a feature to trigger and manage commands easily but it will not be available soon.

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    Super !! I'll try this and give back my feeling. Thank you for the job you make ;)

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    Np, if you have any issue, please feel free to ask. I'm willing to help :)

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