Memcached: Class "Memcached" not found.

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    I've installed laragon because I saw that it supports Memcached (for windows) but when I run it (memcached was on, I could access the stats page) laravel still gave me the error: Class "Memcached" not found.

    Some help would be nice.

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    @NexPB: No worries.
    The problem is: Laravel supports only Memcached
    Developing PHP app with Memcached on Windows seems impossible because the PHP extension only support Memcache (note: without a d) on Windows

    However, Laragon solves the problem. Just put the code below to where you feel convenient and it should work (Tested)

    if (!class_exists('Memcached')) {
        include ("memcached.php");

    For more details:

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    @leokhoa Thanks for the answer, altho I've just decided to use redis instead (for my local development env).

    After a lot of googling I found out memcached is not supported very well on windows if at all.

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    @NexPB : Good decision! Redis is far better than Memcached and is still very fast.

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    @NexPB If you really want to use some caching service in Laravel for database, you could also use Database Cache driver. You will have to enable Database cache driver from .env file and add following schema code to your database

    Schema::create('cache', function ($table) {


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