Laragon is really great!

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    After getting frustated with the recommended Homestead setup from Laravel on Windows is stumbled upon Laragon.
    It's so amazing, god bless all the people that made this project a reality.

    I'll be sure to actively support this project any way i can. This needs to stay alive people!

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    @Dmitrev: I've read your comment > 5 times. It makes me happy, really.
    That's the reason I create Laragon :)

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    So here is another something to cheer you up:

    Thank you for this great tool. Using it every day and feel so happy to have it.
    No more mangling with Virtual hosts, thanks to Laragon. It´s a great piece of software.
    I love it. Thank you for all your efforts.

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    Nice @jmartsch! You make my day :)

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