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    Re: laragon Terminal opening issue

    Hi, new to Laragon but it seems pretty awesome. I am the same issue as nishan in this above thread though. When I click Terminal or hit Ctrl-Alt-T no Terminal opens. This should open Cmder correct? Do I need to actually install Cmder separately at a particular path?


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    What is your Laragon version (Full, Lite)? your OS?
    I had tested Laragon with many versions of Windows 7/8/8.1/10/2012 32-bit/64-bit and never seen this kind of issue.
    As Laragon is isolated, you can install Cmder as different path to check if Cmder (ConEmu) works on you system.

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    Windows 10
    Laragon 2.1.5 Full Nginx + PHP 7 (tried Full Apache version too)

    Installed Cmder seperately and it runs fine, but Terminal button still doesn't load anything.

    Found a sorta work around: Quick Create > Laravel opens a normal windows Cmd prompt, and I can Ctrl-C that and run my server commands from in there. But obviously that's not ideal.

    Anything else I'm missing here? Is it possible to access the Laravel "server" from a seperate Cmder instance?

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    Figured this out, at least a solution that worked for me. I copied the Cmder.exe file into the laragon/bin/cmder folder and it worked after that. Maybe failed to install that for some reason (on a work computer, might be permissions or something)

    Up and running now!

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    Cool! Glad to know it worked.
    I will figure out why Cmder.exe is missing (Strange - I don't think it is due to permissions) and will show an alert in that case.

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