Laragon 2.1.6 Released with Yarn & netstat

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    I am proud to announce the release of Laragon 2.1.6
    This release added Yarn ( support for Node.js ecosystem & netstat

    • Released: 2017-01-11
    • Updated to Node.js 6.9.4, composer 1.3.1, Notepad++ 7.3, cmder 1.3.2, ConEmu 161206
    • Added Yarn. Yarn is like npm but better.
      To install a package, run:
    yarn add package-name

    To install a package (ex: gulp) globally, run:

    yarn global add gulp


    • Added netstat feature. This feature helps you quickly find out which programs (with Full executable paths) bind on which ports.
      You can find it on Menu > Tools > netstat

    • Improved Laragon Tranfer files feature (Menu > Tools > Transfer files)

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