how to install elasticsearch?

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    I am wondering how to install elasticsearch on laragon?
    I've tried different options but none succeeded.

    best regards

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    What do you mean install ElasticSearch on Laragon?
    After installing Java 8, you can install ES easily:

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    You're right, my problem originates in my java install and the missing jvm.dll file.

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    to be more precise I encountered the following error while installing elasticsearch for use with laravel/laragon
    Error: missing serverJVM at `C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_121\bin\server\jvm.dll'.
    Please install or use the JRE or JDK that contains these missing components.

    Actually the jvm.dll file nowadays recides under the client directory; the server directory's name has been changed to the 'client'. By changing the name of the client directory back to 'server' the problem was solved and the elastic search install was succesful.

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