Is it possible to have multiple Laragon installation?

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    I have projects still using Apache and PHP 5.6 (Laragon version 1), but now I have a new project which requires nginx and PHP 7 (Laragon 2). Is it possible to have more than once Laragon installation in a same machine?

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    @paijoh: Yes, it is as each Laragon will run on each isolated environment.
    However, you Laragon can run with both Nginx, Apache and easily to switch between version, you can have just 1 Laragon for easy operation.

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    @leokhoa Thx for the answer.
    Do I have to install the new version of Laragon version first, or can I use the old version and add the software that I want, such as nginx or PHP 7.1 (which already successfully added) one by one?

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    Newer version is always better. For safety, you can do that:

    1. Install newer version with Nginx to C:\laragon2
    2. Copy data folder to C:\laragon2\data
    3. Copy www folder to C:\laragon2\www
    4. Copy bin\apache to C:\laragon2\bin
    5. Change ports in Menu > Preferences > Services & Ports

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    @leokhoa Thanks, that's more elegant ...

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    Hi @leokhoa
    Thank for your awesome app.
    Just have a question, I noticed a point when I running multiply Laragon instance (For some PHP version) in the same time, when I tried reload any service (Nginx or Apache) in first Laragon instance and this will kill php process in other Laragon instance.
    Do you have any solution for this case in Laragon ? Because I have several project in deference PHP version.


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