ngix, cannot reach auto virtual host (pretty urls) on windows 8.1

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    I cannot reach the pretty urls created by laragon.

    If I type localhost/appname I reach the app without problems.
    If I type appname.myapp I cannot reach the app.
    appname.myapp has been added to the windows hosts file without problems
    If I try to ping appname.myapp I don't get a response

    Now, an interesting thing: if I use .dev as an extension, I receive a response when I ping but in the browser it is still impossible to reach my app.

    I think the problem is with my network configuration, but I don't even know what to search in order to find possible solutions.

    All suggestions are appreciated.
    That said: Laragon looks like a great timesaving tool. I'm looking forward to use it in the months to come.

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    @dven: How about using .dev with Firefox?

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    I tried on chrome and firefox both, but I can't reach the .dev

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    restart nginx

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