ngix, cannot reach auto virtual host (pretty urls) on windows 8.1

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    I cannot reach the pretty urls created by laragon.

    If I type localhost/appname I reach the app without problems.
    If I type appname.myapp I cannot reach the app.
    appname.myapp has been added to the windows hosts file without problems
    If I try to ping appname.myapp I don't get a response

    Now, an interesting thing: if I use .dev as an extension, I receive a response when I ping but in the browser it is still impossible to reach my app.

    I think the problem is with my network configuration, but I don't even know what to search in order to find possible solutions.

    All suggestions are appreciated.
    That said: Laragon looks like a great timesaving tool. I'm looking forward to use it in the months to come.

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    @dven: How about using .dev with Firefox?

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    I tried on chrome and firefox both, but I can't reach the .dev

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    restart nginx

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    I had a similar issue on Windows 10 I just resolved. My pretty URLS were not working, but localhost was.
    After checking nginx access and error logs I don't think it was my folder permissions and paths.

    If you right click in "Laragon > Preferences" , enable "Auto Virtual Hosts". I had to turn off my anti-virus for this to work and then restart nginx.

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    @tonyshi thank you for your suggestion, I tried it but even this doesn't work. I think it's a problem with windows and not with laragon, and now I just connect to localhost/projectname and that's it.

    Thanks again.

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    I have the same problem.
    I chose apache and it runs on win10.
    I can acces my laravel project at localhost/myproject/public but not on It jumps to localhost instead.
    The checkbox is checked and I can see that the url is created in my hostfile.
    Any other suggestions to resolve this?

    ps: Thanks for the creation of Laragon. I waisted far to much time on trying to get Homestead working and failed.

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    Is it possible that the proxy at my work has anything to do with this?
    When i try ngrok I get also an error: " reconnecting (Non-200 response from proxy server: 407 Proxy Authentication Required)"
    Maybe these issues are related?

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    @Rydeck : Yes, your proxy may cause some unexpected results.
    Open Terminal, what do you see with this command?

    curl -iL

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    @leokhoa This command shows me the correct html I should be seeing in the browser.
    After some investigation i could see that the browser shows me in de dev tool a response of 301 (permenant move) of This seems to be cached in the browser without expirationdate. In Firefox I could enter after I cleaned the cache en turned the proxy off. This didn't work in Chrome.
    I need the proxy to do the other internet stuff so I don't want to switch constantly between proxy and no-proxy settings. Any ideas?

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    @Rydeck : curl works --> It means your browsers are using proxy that cause the issue. Root cause found!
    Now, the solution is simple: you can install another Chrome based browsers (with no proxy) for development :)

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    @leokhoa Can I switch the proxy setting of one Chrome off and of another Chrome (for example a portable one) on?
    I thought Chrome uses the system settings for these and they apply for all.
    In Firefox I disabled the proxy and indeed it works but I prefer to develop in Chrome.

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    @Rydeck : If another portable Chrome works for you, it is a solution.
    If not, there are many Chrome based browsers or alternatives:

    You can develop in Chrome and use another browsers with proxy or vice versa.

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