I want to access My www directory to access from another computer with same network

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    How I can access Laragon remotely on LAN Network.
    please is there anyone can help me?

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    @bashir: The easiest way is using Ngrok. Click Menu > Ngrok > share -> your-project, you'll have a generated url that can be accessed not only on LAN but also from the Internet.

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    Thank you @leokhoa it works great!
    but as you can see it's too difficult for the end-users to use this url and also it's temporary if close the cmd window it will not work and if share again it generates a new url internet access also should be there.

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    Accessing laragon projects from an external IP is becoming a major issue, ngrok is good for testing, but I am not sure if thats a long term solution. Is there any alternative way this can be acheived, especially if we are using an External IP address, and creating A records for that in our DNS zone files.

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    Thank you @dexter7574 .

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    @bashir, @dexter7574: There is an IP address which is displayed on Laragon's title bar. If you don't you DNS, you can add admin.dev with the IP address to the hosts file of each clients.

    If you are using Nginx, to allow accessed from clients, add

    allow  all; #or IP Addresses

    on location directive in auto.admin.dev.conf

    Be aware of securities.

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    I have apache, I'll try this and post the result. Thank you for your prompt reply.

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    NEW GUY here, I hope it's okay to resurrect this old topic? :)

    I have relied on using https://surge.sh/ for quickly updating a static file website.
    It's fast, easy and you run the command in your terminal.

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