Beginner Questions - Laragon.ini & XDebug Installation

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    First off, this is a great piece of software you guys have created. I've been using WAMP and a few of the other popular ones, but this is by far the coolest local server I have ever used on Windows. I also love how you can use Windows and Linux commands in the terminal.

    Here are a couple of the questions that I did have though:

    1.) Is there any documentation on the Laragon.ini file and what it does? It looks like it lets you specify which software versions you want installed, so I'm curious.

    2.) What's the easiest way to install XDebug on Laragon?

    3.) I generally create new Wordpress installs based off of a skeleton template that I setup. How can I modify Laragon so that I can quick install my skeleton version of Wordpress?

    4.) Is there any other documentation that shows how Laragon can be customized?

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    @Blake: Here are my answers:

    1. There is no document about laragon.ini. It is where Laragon stores user's settings: Editor you want to use, how many PHP processes to run, which services to be used and which versions,...

    2. XDebug is disable for performance. You can add it using this link:

    3. You can achieve it very easy. Check these links:

    4. Laragon is portable and customizable. Laragon is very easy to use, so you mostly don't need document. Howevver, I have a plan to create documentation for Laragon when I have time. In the meantime, you can search the forum, google or post questions -I will respond ASAP.

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