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    I am running Largon on my main system. I can access my project fine at on that main system. I would like to access the project from a laptop connected to the same LAN. What URI do I use?

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    You could use the integrated Ngrok to share it across LAN and even the WWW. Laragon makes that a breeze.

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    Thanks for your reply. I looked at the ngrok and yes indeed, it worked great. I don't know what you mean by the WWW. Laragon being a breeze though. Care to elaborate?

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    When using Ngrok you get a http:// url that you can access from anywhere, even when you are not connected to the same LAN. So you could even test your project on your mobile while you're on a train hundreds of kilometers away. :)

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    It's quite simple using Nginx, just Right Click on the Laragon Menu, Nginx>sites-enabled> Notepadd++ will open, so add your IP after;

    server_name *;

    save, reload and test it.

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