Integration with Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

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    Hey @leokhoa . Have you considered playing with some sort of Windows Subsystem for Linux integration? I'm not quite sure how that would work but some software requires that the server runs on Linux. For those I'm still using Docker or a VM and that's terribly cumbersome to configure, especially after getting used to all the Laragon awesomeness.

    Would it be possible to make use of that new feature / would it even bring any advantages at all?

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    Hi @MrSnoozles :
    Laragon is isolated from OS, so I haven't considered WSL as you can build your apps with Laragon and connect to 3rd services even if they are on Windows, Linux, Docker, VM or Cloud...

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    Yes, please, we want ingration with WSL. We need more vendor lock in, so that we would be more dependant on Microsoft and dependant on having installed each of all the crap they come up with.
    By the way for Linux software there is already Cygwin, and many Linux software has been ported, or even better, run Linux itself.
    Of course you could go the "cutting edge" modern way, and run a Linux VM inside Dockers for Windows inside a Windows VM on Mac Paralleles, because you need that on your two-PC deployment.
    It will also look good on your CV and get buzzword-addicts all excited.

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    @rolfen : I want to keep Laragon simple. However, I'll consider your suggestions.

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    The one thing I would like here is simply passing linux commands for php/wp/mysql to the host cmd prompt with appropriate pathing.

    I'm not sure if this would be as simple as exporting the path in bash .bashrc file or if you would need to do it on the windows WSL side where commands are mapped from Linux to Windows.

    Currently we have to install a basic PHP stack on the WSL ubuntu as well as Laragon so that we can use wp-cli and composer inside of bash. Since we do 90% of our work in IDE and IDE is pointed to bash anyways this isn't a problem, but would be nice to eliminate that part.

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