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    hi, good job with laragon is very user friendly,
    I use phalcon framework with phalcon devtool, but when are create projet, I use command, "phalcon projet nameprojet", well how to run command when you create new site with laragon ?
    thank for help me !!

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    @tchekjunior :
    Suppose you install Phalcon DevTool on C:\laragon\www\phalcon using composer
    You can call the command like this:

    php "c:\larago\www\phalcon\vendor\phalcon\devtools\phalcon.php" project myproj

    So long ha, but you can use alias for this:

    alias phalcon=php "c:\laragon\www\phalcon\vendor\phalcon\devtools\phalcon.php" $*  

    Now you can use phalcon everywhere. That's all :)

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