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    Downloaded and installed but apache can not start! 64 bit !0_1504262018619_Capture.PNG

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    Hey @leokhoa, since Laravel Horizon required ext-pcntl, you might want to bundle that in the next minor version, before a ton of people show up saying "Horizon doesn't work, what to do?".

    Thanks for such an excellent product and being very active in the forum!

    Edit: it appears it doesn't exist for windows? That could make things tricky.

    Edit #2: It seems you already made an extension for it, and it's possible to disable it in composer.json as well, as seen here

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    Hi! I can't download any Laragon project, his page in sourceforge throw me an 404 error, seems like doesn't exists.

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    Hi @maxalmonte14, it's an issue with SourceForge. Check the twitter @sfnet_ops.

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    Yeah I hate to ask as well, any chance for a mirror? Sourceforge has been down all day. My Flash Drive kicked the bucket and I need the latest Full version again to install locally.

    That also brings up a question, would Laragon be particularly rough on a flash drive? Like running it from a flashdrive? Just curious.

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    Hi @donk and @maxalmonte14,

    I got a response from SourceForge on twitter and they gave me a link to download Laragon (Wamp version).

    Hope that helps.

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    Thank you, @mcangueiro . It seems to be back online now. But I wish I'd your post earlier. :) I was dead in the water yesterday at work because I had it on a flash drive that died and then apparently all these dev environments are hosted with Soureforge so I couldn't get Laragon or even (euck) XAMP.

    Also, if anyone has experience using Laragon/portrable on a flash drive, just wondered if it puts a lot of stress on it? When I run it on my laptop I know it frequently causes the fans to freak out and wondered if it also was hard on USB drives?

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    how to get started with python?

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    This post is deleted!

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    @brainex : You can get started with how to get Django up & running here:

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    I want have WAMP + MEAN :cartwheel_tone3:
    If PHP is developing, use WAMP
    If Nodejs is developed, use MEAN and close WAMP
    So WAMP+MEAN integration.
    COME ON!
    Laragon PRO! :golfer:

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    @kyomini : You don't need to close WAMP as you can install both WAMP & MEAN on the same path C:\laragon :)

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    Olá vou criar um grupo no WhatsApp para desenvolvedores Laravel.
    Quem tiver interesse me envia a mensagem "EU QUERO LARAVEL" (37) 991610152

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    Any idea when it's going to be updated (with latest node, npm, yarn, etc) ?

    Btw, login with Facebook isn't working.


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    @gbdematos : I have a plan for Laragon 3.2 with the latest version of node, npm, yarn,... when PHP 7.2 is GA.
    Will check Facebook login. Thanks.

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    Hi, i have a problem : i do quick create/wordpress. progress window open but nothing happend, no progress bar. it stay as this hours and nothing happens.

    i checked in laragon directory, under tmp/download, i see wordpress valid archive.

    i found some cmd.exe and conhost.exe tasks created by laragon each time i try to use quick create.
    nothing is unzipped in www directory.

    i tried 3.1 wamp, 3.0 wamp and same thing happens.

    i tried on a fresh install win10 falls creators update (eset nod32 deactivated) and a completly fresh install windows 7 computer without any programm or AV with same results.

    thanks by advance

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    @xian : I updated Laragon to use the tar.gz format. Hope it solves your issue.

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    Hola @wirandhika,

    how about change the apache port through the preferences?

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