Laragon 3.0 Wamp Apache Error Message

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    Just installed the latest laragon, the wamp edition and I get this error message:

    alt text

    edit: I can't get the image to work ... it's here: error message

    Everything works fine though ...

    Also I noticed that when I start all, for like a minute or two, my system is "blocked" (Windows 10 pro 64bit). The task bar is not accessible, as is the start menu. After I get this notification: "Auto virtual hosts: on" Everything is back to normal. This is not an issue for me, I can wait for the time. Just want to give feedback.

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    @Wyvern : If your system is blocked it's not normal as Laragon is carefully designed for performance.

    I notice that, Laragon 3.0 is 64-bit by default. It comes with Apache 64-bit and PHP 7.1.5 64-bit but your message shows PHP 7.1.1 32-bit.
    I believe it is the root cause.
    Did you follow my instruction of how to upgrade Laragon?

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    No I did not follow your instructions ... I was so excited about the new version that I overlooked it. I moved the php 32 bit folder out of laragon and now I don't get the error message anymore.

    Also, started Laragon today and no more system blocked. Auto virtual hosts are on at the same time I hit the "start all" button :)

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    @Wyvern : That's why we have Laragon 3.0 :)

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