[Tutorial] How to add another PostgreSQL version

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    Note: You may need to install VC Redist 2013 (64-bit): https://sf.net/projects/laragon/files/addon/vc_redist.x64.2013.exe

    With Laragon 3, adding PostgreSQL is very easy.

    1. Download PostgreSQL (64-bit zip):

    1. Extract the downloaded to: {LARAGON_ROOT}\bin\postgresql\postgresql-9.6.3-1-windows-x64
    -- bin
       -- postgresql
          -- postgresql-9.6.3-1-windows-x64
             -- bin
             -- include
             -- lib
             -- .............

    1. Select the new version at: Laragon Menu > PostgreSQL > Version > postgresql-9.6.3-1-windows-x64

    Very easy huh. That's all forks!

    Note: When PostgreSQL is added to Laragon this way, it is also portable.

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    how to migrate .sql to postgres on laragon wamp?

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    This post is deleted!

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    I installed Postgresql, as you advised.
    I had Postgresql installed in my PC before installing Laragon and Postgresql.


    1. The installation process had no problem.
    2. Start Using it:
      2.1 Menu > PostgreSQL > Version > postgresql-9.6.3-1-windows-x64),
      2.2 Menu > PostgreSQL > start PostgreSQL
      Here encountered problem. Pop up window says: error .. waiting for server to start
      2.3 Starting the server:
      Menu > PostgreSQL > pgAdmin (pgAdmin Start + start the server)
      2.4 Result: Problem remain the same.

    I tried the other way:

    1. Start server
    2. Start PostgreSQL
      Result: remain the same (Pop up window says: error .. waiting for server to start)

    Can you help how to solve this problem?

    Bali, Indonesia

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    @nyoman : What's your Laragon version?

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