Function mcrypt_get_iv_size() is deprecated

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    I'm quite new to Laravel and my first project was to clone from a git repository. Then I executed composer install after that and got this error when i tried accessing the project with the browser.

    ErrorException (E_DEPRECATED)

    Function mcrypt_get_iv_size() is deprecated
    Open: C:\laragon\www\projectAvocado\vendor\laravel\framework\src\Illuminate\Encryption\Encrypter.php

     * Update the block size for the current cipher and mode.
     * @return void
    protected function updateBlockSize()
    	$this->block = mcrypt_get_iv_size($this->cipher, $this->mode);

    I browsed StackEx which is here and they recommend editing cipher to "AES-256-CBC" instead of the default 'cipher' => MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_128, but I get errors on that too. Looks like AES-256-CBC could not be recognized?

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    @Abigail-Banquil : Which github repo did you clone?
    Did you try to generate a new key

    php artisan key:generate

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    I got it working now.

    php artisan key:generate

    did not work because it detects AES-256-CBC as invalid.

    I got it working by
    Changing PHP version to 7.0 instead of 7.1

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