Ngrok Always On?

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    Is there any way to have ngrok automatically turn on after starting the computer? It looks like you have to start it up each time.

    I'd like to use Laragon as my local intranet server for other computers to access and I'm looking for a url they can use.

    Seems like the Other option is to modify each computer's hosts file and add the domain and ip address to each computer's hosts file.


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    @kjshah : Modifying hosts file will work. Another better solution is paying Ngork a monthly fee to have a reserved domain.

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    if I pay the monthly fee to ngrok, how would I autostart ngrok through laragon?

    or would I install ngrok separately and configure it specifically for the purchased version?


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    @kjshah: You don't need to install ngrok seperately. When you purchase, you'll have a reserved url:
    With reserved url, add it to Laragon is much easier - you just open the Virtual Host file (**Menu > Nginx > sites-enabled >

     server_name *;

    Reload nginx.

    Auto trigger Ngrok:
    If you use Laragon 3.0, Take a look at Procfile and autorun setting:
    Here's how:

    1. Open Menu > Procfile > Configuration
    2. Add this:
    Auto Open Ngrok: ngrok http -subdomain=myproj autorun

    Now, on Menu > Procfile, you'll have a new menu item: Menu > Procfile > Auto Open Ngrok
    When Laragon starts, it will run the command ngrok http -subdomain=myproj, your users can access through (from the Internet, not only local intranet)

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    Another Note:
    If you just use for your local intranet, another way is using
    Here's how:

    1. On Laragon's title, the is an IP - it's the IP of the Server. Assume it is X.X.X.X, you just add it to your Virtual Host
    server_name *;
    1. Reload Nginx

    Now you users can access your proj by using:

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    thanks for all the advice. i tried and it worked great.

    one other option I just found is to set it at the router level if you router allows. I have a peplink that I can configure in the custom dns record section as well.

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