How to add another Ruby version

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    With Laragon 3.1, you can work with multiple versions of Ruby (and therefore with multiple versions of Rails) easily. Here's how:

    1. Download a Ruby 7z and 64-bit version on RubyInstaller:
      Note: If you want to work with Rails in the meantime, you should use Ruby 2.2 or Ruby 2.3 64-bit
      For example Ruby 2.2.6 (x64)
    2. Extract it to bin\ruby:
    -- bin
       -- ruby
           -- ruby-2.2.6-x64-mingw32 
               -- bin
               -- lib
               -- ...
          -- ruby-2.3.3
    1. Switch to the version:
      Menu > Ruby > Version > ruby-2.2.6-x64-mingw32

    That's all forks!
    Open Terminal and check:

    ruby -v

    Note: adding another Ruby version also helps you install different versions of Rails:
    How to install Rails

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