Laragon 3.1 Released - Ruby on Rails with node.js 8.0.0, npm 5.0.0, yarn, Redis and Postgres

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    Today, I'm so happy to announce the release of Laragon 3.1 (2017-06-06)
    This release makes working Ruby on Rails a pleasure (which was notorious painful on Windows).

    • Self-contained. Like Laragon WAMP, Laragon RubyOnRails is self-contained which means everything is running inside the installation dir and is isolated with the OS.
      To check, install Laragon to C:\lararails, then move it to C:\laragon-rubyonrails - Laragon is still functional.

    • Hot swap between Ruby versions (so you don't need rvm, rbenv). You can use many version of Rails with ease. Just add another version of Ruby and type gem install rails -v 5.0.3

    • Updated Node.js to 8.0.0, npm 5.0.0 (note: you can hot swap between Node.js)

    • The RubyOnRails edition is bundled with yarn, Redis and Postgres but you can add MySQL easily yourself:

    • Add some improvements for Procfile:

    Thanks to the magnificent efforts of the RubyInstaller team. They make developing Ruby on Windows possible and Laragon makes it easier and more fun.

    I've made some tutorials to help you familiar with Laragon Rails:

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    This is a bit unclear, because the download page shows 3.x (and the age of that message is 18 days ago) and also I'm missing the lite variant, which was available in the past.

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    @marcelloh : Laragon 3.x helps working with other stacks like Ruby on Rails, Django/Flask, MEAN, Java/Spring as easy as Laragon's WAMP. So, in the meantime, there is not Lite version of Laragon 3 and you don't need to upgrade if the current is working well for you :)

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    When upgrading from 3.0.4 to 3.1, can I just run the installer and overwrite the previous installation or should I uninstall my existing one first?

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    @CØRE : As they are the same major version, you just overwrite.

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