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    I just installed laragon and i am searching for some documentation or something to read about it. I know it works out of the box and loved it but curious. And i have some questions if you please.
    -I already installed PHP, Mysql, Conemu on my computer but my setting are different then what comes with Laragon. I assume Laragon installs them again separately from my system. Am i right?
    -I see mysql as database running but when i write "mysql" in conemu instance, it opens mariaDB connection. What is that?

    For the Laragon, i can say. KUDOS.

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    1. Yes, you're right. Laragon aims to not affect your system. It runs in a sandbox (where it is installed). Laragon installs PHP, MySQL, Apache, git,... in its bin folder.

    2. MySQL has been forked with many brands (Percona, MariaDB,...). MariaDB is an enhanced of MySQL developed by the original creator of MySQL.
      I choose MariaDB because it is optimized to use less memory than MySQL in development. Many said that MariaDB is faster than MySQL.

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