Service MariaDB can not start.

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    Today I started Laragon and this message came up. It will not let me initialize MariaDB.


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    I changed the name of data/mysql folder and switch to MySQL instead of MariaDB and is working now. Tried to update MariaDB to 10.2.6 but it was saying something about mysql.user. I guess I will be using MySQL but the issue came out of nowhere.

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    @desvandev : It seems that you have a setting warning, to fix it you just remove the thread_concurrency in my.ini.
    However, if you want to have a new clean MariaDB, it's easy:

    1. Rename data to data.old
    2. Switch to MariaDB 10.2.6, Laragon will auto create correspond clean datadir at data\mariadb
    3. Start MariaDB. That's all :)

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