Redis multiple versions

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    I saw that I had multiple versions of redis:
    redis-2.6.12 & redis-2.8.17.

    The last one isn't working, but now it is unclear how to make use of the other one (which does work if I start the redis-server via command line).

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    I now downloaded a complete newer version
    Redis 3.0.501 64 bit
    and will try to have that up & running in laragon.

    I just fount out there is:
    laragon\bin\cmder\vendor\init.bat which has a mention of the failing redis.
    (So I hope that tampering this will help me)

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    Wasn't able to tamper with the laragon\bin\cmder\vendor\init.bat, so I just kept the directory and replaced it's content with the newer redis version.

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