Don't want to use %Appdata% to store npm and composer packages

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    I try to avoid using the %appdata% folder to store npm and composer packages. I have modified the composer.bat inside the \laragon\bin\composer folder.

    Now i would like to change the "C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\Composer\vendor\bin;" value by "D:\laragon\data\composer\vendor\bin;" in the Path provide by laragon.

    I have tried to change the laragon.cmd inside "d:\laragon\bin\laragon" but this file is rebuild everytime before cmder run

    How can i do ?

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    @jco137 : I'll make a new version of Laragon to allow this. I will keep you posted.

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    Maybe a a good solution is to change "tools>path>manage path" to open an editor with the same list. An d also add a menu item in the same place to reset path to default

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    @jco137 :
    The fastest way is modifying the file D:\laragon\bin\cmder\vendor\init.bat
    Add something like this below :: Laragon End ------------------

    set PATH=D:\laragon\data\composer\vendor\bin;%PATH%;

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