Importing existing laravel project to Laragon

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    Hello I am new with Laragon and I am having some problems...
    Hopefully someone can guide me to the right path, the situation is as follow:

    I have an existing Laravel project on bitbucket and I want to import it/clone it to Laragon, I was able to clone it via Laragon terminal but when trying to "switch" to that project in Laragon it doesn't show on the list of available projects even tho it appears in the www folder.
    Also tried creating a project via Laragon and then replacing its contents with my projects contents however when trying to switch to it I get an error saying it is not a valid Laravel project.
    I have been working on that project for a long time now and it is a valid Laravel project so I am not sure what could be happening.

    I really appreciate your input!

    Sofia G.

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    @guizar11 : Not only Laravel, importing is just put your existing projects to www folder, Laragon will auto create virtual hosts for them.
    To identify a Laravel project, Laragon simply check if the file exists:
    ProjectDir + '\vendor\laravel\framework\src\Illuminate\Foundation\Application.php'

    Maybe your project is too old (Laravel 3 or below), so it doesn't have the file.

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    Hello thank you for your reply!

    well.. I made some improvement... now I am able to see the project listed in "switch project" but when clicking on it I get the same error I mentioned before:

    0_1455136088816_laragon error.JPG

    I do have the vendor folder and the path mentioned:
    ProjectDir + '\vendor\laravel\framework\src\Illuminate\Foundation\Application.php'
    as you can see:


    and finally here is my project structure:

    0_1455136160037_epbx struc.JPG

    The original project that I am cloning its either Laravel 4 or 5.

    any idea on what I could be doing wrong?

    Thank you!

    Sofia G.

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    @guizar11 said:

    well.. I made some improvement...

    What did you do so that you was able to see the project listed in "switch project"?
    I'm afraid that directory permissons made Laragon could not see the version file.

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    What I was doing before was that after cloning the project with Git I completely forgot to run composer install so I ended up with my project missing the "vendor" folder and Laragon not being able to recognize it as a valid Laravel project.

    So after realizing my mistake I run composer install and Laragon started listing it in "switch project".

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