NodeJs + ExpressJs

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    I installed NodeJs and Express Js in a folder inside the www directory, but accessing the default .dev host just list all the files in the directory instead of parsing the index

    To see the website I've to open the terminal from inside laragon go in the own directory and type

    npm start

    Then go to the default
    address and now it is presented the full website instead of the files/directories list

    Is there a way to show the website with the .dev address and without having to type the npm command from laragon terminal?

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    Just want to specify I installed the Express Js through PhpStorm,
    no NodeJs installation on my windows system, I would prefer to use the laragon's one

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    I realized after starting the npm you have to go to
    to view the website.

    you can access it through localhost:3000 or
    3000 is the default port.

    Don't know if laragon can change this, I think it is not a laragon side behaviour.
    One suggestion is it would be nice to have laragon start npm after nodejs, to run on address without having to manually start npm and adding the 3000 port to the dev address

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