[Tutorial] How to use Laragon's Terminal

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    Laragon's Terminal (Menu > Laragon > Terminal) extends the power of Cmder (which is built on top of ConEmu, Clink). Laragon adds some features to Cmder to make using the Terminal more fun:

    • Global hotkey: just press Ctrl + Alt + T, you can invoke the Terminal at anytime. After invoking, you can use the Ctrl + Alt + T or Ctrl + ` to quickly hide/show the Terminal.
    • Isolated environment: Many programs will run only on Laragon's Terminal because they are isolated from the OS. You can add/delete them without any worries.
    • Extra hotkeys:
      • F11: Toggle Full screen
      • Ctrl + T: Create new tab (without confirmation)
      • Ctrl + Shift + T: Split active tab vertically
      • Ctrl + Shift + H: Split active tab horizontally
      • Ctrl + W: Delete previous word (In Cmder, it will close current tab)
      • Ctrl + Shift + W: Close current tab
      • Ctrl + Shift + Q: Close Terminal
      • Ctrl + Shift + 2: Make Terminal window transparent
      • Ctrl + Shift + 3...9: Reduce transparent
      • Ctrl + Shift + 1: Remove transparent

    Note: some useful Clink's hotkeys you should know:

    1. Go to the beginning-of-line: Ctrl-A
    2. Go to the end-of-line: Ctrl-E
    3. Delete from cursor to the beginning-of-line: Ctrl-U
    4. Delete from cursor to the-end-line: Ctrl-K
    5. Undo: Ctrl-Z.
    6. Incremental history search Ctrl-R/Ctrl-S
    7. Previous Command: Ctrl-P
    8. There are more, so to see them: Alt-H

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    Is it possible to change right-click menu > terminal to open a new tab in cmder instead of window cmd?

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    Hi. None of those hotkeys works for me, and the terminal I'm getting is like a cmd without tabs, like the Windows default. What I,m I missing? Do I need to install or setup something?:anguished:

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