Remove Virtual Host from Hosts File

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    First I want to say thanks for this awesome tool, really help beginners like me to have a good development environment on Windows machine.

    I want to ask how to remove virtual host entry from the Hosts file and httpd-vhosts.conf?
    For example, I created a simple native PHP project inside C:\laragon\www\myproject to try Laragon.
    Note: the project's name is myproject.

    Laragon then automatically create virtual host so myproject url became

    The Hosts file then have this line: #laragon magic! C:/laragon/www/myproject/

    And also there is few lines at C:\laragon\bin\apache\apache-2.4.17\conf\extra\httpd-vhosts.conf.

    But when I delete myproject from C:\laragon\www\ that line not removed from my Hosts file and httpd-vhosts.conf.

    How to remove those lines from Hosts file and httpd-vhosts.conf?
    Is it safe to just delete them both manually?

    Thank you

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    Yes, it's totally safe :)

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    So just to be clear, to completely remove a project and it's virtual host, I need to do this steps:

    1. Delete the project's folder from www (www/myproject)
    2. Go to httpd-vhosts.conf and remove these lines:
      <VirtualHost *:80> #laragon magic!
      DocumentRoot "C:/laragon/www/myproject/"
    3. Go to drivers/etc/hosts and remove: #laragon magic! C:/laragon/www/myproject/

    Am I correct?

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    Yes, you're correct!

    You can only do Step 1. Next time, when you put new folder in www, Laragon will clean 2, 3 for you.

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    I see, thanks Leo.

    After a few tests, I want to note this for future reference if I forgot, and for anyone else having this same question :)

    So, Laragon will auto remove deleted project's virtual host settings from Hosts and httpd-vhosts.conf when you add a new project to www folder.

    For example, you currently have project A, B, and C in www folder.
    Then you delete project A and B.
    The Hosts file and httpd-vhosts.conf will stay the same as before.
    But when you add a new project, lets say X, Laragon will remove virtual host settings for A and B from Hosts and httpd-vhosts.conf, then make a new virtual host for X.

    So as we can see, Laragon can make virtual host for new project, and auto remove it when its project deleted from www folder.

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