How to add Tom Cat to run JSP file in laragon ?

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    I am running a project which has php and java , java coding run on tomcat for which i have to use eclipse and for php coding i am using laragon apache server + mysql server for both .
    please help to config tomcat in laragon

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    @ahsanDev You can download Tomcat for Windows from and run separately from laragon. Apache Http server can run on port 8000 and Apache Tomcat can run on port 8080.

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    @pyhoon how to add tomcat to laragon after download it? i download tomcat from and i put it on folder C:\laragon\bin\apache-tomcat-9.0.30
    how to install tomcat and run automatically and simultaneously in laragon with apache, mysql, postgresql?
    why on the laragon that I have installed, when I want to click configuration (Laragon menu \ Quick app \ Configuration ... nothing comes out to edit the configuration file.
    Likewise in the configuration (Laragon menu \ Tools \ Quick add \ Configuration ... nothing comes out to edit the configuration tools.
    Did my Laragon make a mistake? thank you

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    @fannyd I never add tomcat to Laragon but run it independently.

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