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    Hi, I just cloned a project from the laravel from GitHub, I did everything I needed to start with the project in Laragon. I also got the hostname for the project. But I had a problem when it opened in the browser the domain throws me a bug 400 Bad request. I had not been able to solve it and I thought to add Port 8000 to the URL in this way http://my_site.dev: 8000 and it worked. What is the occasion of this event?

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    @DeiverJC I just noticed that the url 'http://my_site.dev:8000' worked because the terminal was running the 'php artisan serve' command. Help me solve this problem. Thank you.

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    Sorry for the inconvenience, but I have already solved it, the folder where I have the project is 'my_site', I think laragon has problems with that, just change the name of my folder to 'my-site' and everything is ready. :)

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    Instructions for lifting an existing repo in Laragon

    1 - From the console pararce in laragon / www
    2 - Copy the "git clone" command from the bitbucket repository
    3 - Paste and execute this command
    4 - Once cloned, "cd" inside the directory and throw the following command
    Php c: \ laragon \ bin \ composer \ composer.phar install
    5 - Then you get into the folder and copy the .env.example of laravel and you call it .env
    For this you must open in env file. With notepadd ++ and save it renamed
    Then delete the env.example file should be "env.
    6 - php artisan key: generate this generates the key and saves it in the env file.

    Proba with this may help you

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