Phpmyadmin password (How to reset MySQL root's password)

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    Hi, i need help. I have forgotten my password for phpmyadmin, and i don't know how to reset it. I've googled but solutions are only for wamp, xampp or mysql server that is on his own, and i can't do those things on laragon. Please help:)

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    MySQL is a service of Laragon, in case you forget your password, you can force change root password using command line (Terminal)

    1. Ensure MySQL is NOT running (Click Stop button if MySQL is running)
    1. Open Terminal, then type:
     mysqld --skip-grant-tables

    MySQL should be running.
    λ mysqld --skip-grant-tables
    2016-02-16 20:58:45 2024 [Note] mysqld (mysqld 10.1.9-MariaDB-log) starting as process 6744 ...

    1. Press Ctrl + T to open New Tab on Terminal and type:
    mysql -u root
    1. When you log in, type: (For MariaDB):
    UPDATE mysql.user SET password=password("YOUR-PASSWORD") WHERE user='root';
    flush privileges;

    4.1 For MySQL 5.7:

    UPDATE mysql.user 
        SET authentication_string = PASSWORD('YOUR-PASSWORD'), password_expired = 'N'
        WHERE User = 'root' AND Host = 'localhost';
    flush privileges;
    1. Hard close mysqld
    taskkill /f /im mysqld.exe 

    Sart Laragon.
    You now can login with user root and password: YOUR-PASSWORD

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    @leokhoa thank you very much, this is very helpful!!! :D

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    I got error
    ERROR 1524 (HY000): Plugin '*AFE96312C5DAC26F4D2F2D36435B53DC9B2CD5C3' is not loaded

    when trying to log in with password

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