Chrome to force .dev domains to HTTPS via HSTS

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    I am wondering if there are plans from Laragon to change the auto-created ".dev" TLD used when we use the tool to create new projects. In the next update for Chrome it will automatically reload any requests for http://*.dev and request https://*.dev

    Is there already a config file inside of Laragon that I am overlooking that specifies a TLD to use where I could change it away from .dev?

    Here is a list of the TLDs that are reserved for testing and should be a safe bet to use from this point forward in place of .dev domains.

    For reference, here is the article I am referring to

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    @caleywoods : Many thanks for your information. I will add this to my TODO list.
    You can go to Menu > Preferences and change the hostname format yourself.

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    Thank you @leokhoa, I have adjusted this for myself.

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    For anyone who comes across this later and decides to change their development TLD to something like "localhost" or "example" like I did. I had to do two things to fix nginx after this.

    • I had to go into laragon/etc/nginx/sites-enabled (you can get there from the laragon Nginx > sites-enabled > dir: sites-enabled option) and clear out my old auto.*.dev.conf files. Laragon had already created the new auto.*.localhost.conf files for me.

    • I had to edit nginx.conf (using the laragon Nginx > nginx.conf option) and place a directive inside the http section that reads: server_names_hash_bucket_size 64; There are already directives inside the http {} part of nginx.conf, I just added that to the end before the closing bracket. This will give nginx the ability to work with the now longer domain names.

    One other side effect I have noticed is that I now must use http:// in my local URL or it tries to do a google search. I have a project named Alfred and visiting alfred.localhost does a google search but visiting http://alfred.localhost correctly loads up my Spark (laravel) application. This seems to be the case with all my projects.

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    @caleywoods : The easiest solution is using Firefox :)

    1. Remove the suffix: but you must type http in your browser:

    2. Change the suffix to app: is still cool ;)

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