Moving from Xampp to laragon - any likely issues with old projects?

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    I have a pile of legacy procedural code projects in my Xampp install - I do not use Vhosts, I just go to each project directory and use its index.php as the root, there's some pattern based htaccess routing but it's the same on every project. Very old school.

    I want to make any move nice and pain free!
    I understand I can't have both Xampp and Laragon running at the same time (I dunno.. maybe I can mess around with ports but that's not
    a requirement).
    Could they both use the same mySql install?

    I would like to make sure Laragon does not overwrite my existing mySql database install. I can back it up, but do I need to?

    I'm hoping I can just move my old style projects to the Laragon www folder and all should work without needing to do any "add project" stuff. Is that going to work?


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    @anothername :

    1. Yes, they can. But you can dump all your databases then import to Laragon just in case MySQL versions are different.
      If PHP versions are different, you can add your favourite PHP Version to Laragon yourself:
      Add another PHP version

    2. You don't need to but you should backup as it is a best practice.

    3. You can move your projects to Laragon www folder and it will work.
      Plus: if you have a project name proj1, you can browser it using instead of localhost/proj1

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