How to configure the conemu.xml

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    Hello, I'm a beginner using the Laragon, and when I click in Terminal button, have a error:


    someone can help me to solve it?

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    What did you change in ConEmu.xml?
    I can't help you until seeing the file.

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    I did a commit at a line, where accused the error origin:

    <value name="ToolbarAddSpace" type="dword" data="00000000"/>
    <value name="TabConsole" type="string" data="%c. %f "/>
    <!--<value name="TabSkipWords" type="string" data="Administrator:|„@„t„}„y„~„y„ƒ„„„‚„p„„„€„‚:"/>-->
    <value name="TabPanels" type="string" data="<%c> %s"/>
    <value name="TabEditor" type="string" data="<%c.%i>{%s}"/>

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    The line you commented is strange. It usually looks like this:

     <value name="TabSkipWords" type="string" data="Administrator:|Администратор:"/>  

    Hope this help.
    If you still need help, please attach your ConEmu.xml file. You can attach it easily using the Upload Button in editor.

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    I apologize for reviving the thread. I experienced the same problem as well and that line of code helped me. (Edit line 267 in C:\laragon\bin\cmder\vendor\conemu-maximus5\ConEmu.xml)

    I think the text garbled up because I set my system locale to Japanese.

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    @Abigail-Banquil : No prob! I appreciate it. You post is very helpful as it will help many others. I'll check and fix it.
    Many thanks :)

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    I've updated a hotfix for that Laragon 3.0.2 :)

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