A nice read about Laragon for Wordpress!

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    Laragon was created to help Laravel but it is getting popular by Wordpress community. Many thanks to the author of this awesome article. I really enjoy your writing style and appreciate :clap_tone3:

    Best WAMP Server for Local WordPress – Laragon is Easy by David McCan
    Everyone doing web development or training up in web technologies needs a local test server. You know that testing on a live site is risky. Building websites or evaluating themes and plugins? Yes, you need one too. Are you interested in WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or PHP? If so, and you are running Windows, then you need a WAMP stack.

    It may sound complicated, and if you had to install Apache, MySQL, and PHP from scratch individually, it might be. However, there are packages that bundle these programs together to take the pain out of the setup process. They come with an installer and preconfigure all the settings for you. They have a “control panel” that serves as a launcher and provide quick access to options and settings. I’ve evaluated all of them and used many of them. In this article, I’m going to tell you about Laragon WAMP. It is free and it is the easiest to setup and use. Read on to learn about the Laragon WAMP package, how to install it, and how to install WordPress using Laragon’s “quick create” feature.
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    Thank you! I'm enjoying using Laragon and I expect it will become more widely used in the WordPress community.

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