Plans for Linux version of Laragon?

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    Re: How to install Laragon in Linux operating system? as a reference.

    Just started to wonder if there is any plans for a Linux version of Laragon?

    I've been using Valet for Linux, LAMPP, Docker, Vagrant, etc..but IMHO those haven't been able to give as pleasant experience as hoped for, like Laragon has given, while developing web apps.

    Truly isolated environment with easily swappable PHP/MySQL/etc version is what i'm missing atm :)

    If you happen to plan Linux version of Laragon, I would be glad to help in any way I can.

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    @Kurre: Currently, I'm rebuilding website. After that, I will think about another plans for Laragon. I always appreciate your helps & your kind words. Many thx :)

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