Laragon is the best - and fastest - local server by far!

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    I have been using local servers on Windows since 2008 and have tried just about all of them. JSAS, Ravenwood, Uniform Server, WAMP, XAMPP, MAMP (Windows), to name but a few.

    The majority of the sites I create now are WordPress, but previous ones were also Joomla! and eFront (LMS). I have to say that Laragon is by far and away the fastest of any of them! Very light weight and compartmentalized, much like Uniform Server (which I had to let go of as the devs decided to let their users figure out the updates on their own).

    Anyway, just had to say that I am so very glad to have found this amazing local WAMP environment (via the Beaver Builder Facebook Group) and will be promoting it every chance that I get :)


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    @SniffleValve : I’m so happy when the Laragon community get more and more members like you - that makes me feel Laragon will grow exponentially in the near future.

    Many thx! Cheers!

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