[RESOLVED] Permission denied error

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    For other newbies - you will get this error if you have failed to add this to the model:
    protected $fillable = [
    'name', 'description', 'done',

    I get the following error when I get to a particular point in a tutorial I am working through.

    ErrorException (E_WARNING)
    include(C:\laragon\www\larplay): failed to open stream: Permission denied
    The souce code highlighted is:
    function includeFile($file)
    include $file;
    In ClassLoader.php

    What is triggering it is:
    $lists = TodoList::all();

    In my ListsController.php

    Any thoughts?
    I've searched here, and a general google - a few results about permissions, but I'm on Windows and I've checked permissions in the www and tmp folders and all good!

    TIA, Dave

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