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    I made some project on php 5.4 but after migration on my local laragon it could not recognize require and include, so i think this is PHP Pear, and i found .phar file and got downloaded, but i got it in my www folder and my projects hard to see, and i don't know should be like this.

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    Okay i don't know in general what the problem is
    Warning: require(/pages/redicts.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in E:\laragon\www\FrontPage\index.php on line 15

    Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required '/pages/redicts.php' (include_path='.;E:\laragon\usr\share\Pear') in E:\laragon\www\FrontPage\index.php on line 15

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    @stargame25 : I guess you put the file in wrong dir. You can try to put it in Pear dir: E:\laragon\usr\share\Pear

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